Now the journey of Milk to our Complete Computerized (Auto system) Plant Begins. Milk is transferred to Tanks after chilling. This standardized Milk is then sent for Pasteurization. The dairy has installed State of the Art Bactofuge Separator, Which separates Spores and Bacteria from Milk. This is followed by de-aeration to remove any unfavorable odors. This enhances the keeping quality of Milk. After pasteurization, Milk is chilled and stored at 2 degree centigrade.
The pasteurized milk is then /packed in polyethylene pouches. Milk is then transported to Yavatmal in insulated vans. The total process from collection to dispatch is completed within the shortest possible time. At Vatsalya part of the milk is processed as liquid milk while part milk is processed for milk products such as Shrikhand of various flavors, Mawa, Curd, Cream, Ghee and Other Dairy Products.
Every Equipment and Machinery employed right from collection of Raw Milk to Dispatch of Finished Products is of Standard Quality.

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