Vatsalya Dairy story began from Yavatmal City (about 145 km from Nagpur) in Maharashtra. It was in 2005, starting on a small scale, drawing milk and kunda (Penda) manually, and supplying it locally.
Today, Vatsalya Dairy is a renowned name within the dairy sector. Systematic Organization, Methodical Planning and Forecasting have been the key words here.
Vatsalya Dairy markets & sells dairy products under the Vatsalya Dairy brand (like Liquid Milk, Dahi, paneer, Shrikhand and Butter), in the four district through its sales and distribution networks for marketing food items.
It has been our belief that Dairy processing & Making of product can be converted into an industry, and not restricted to small units in city.
Vatsalya Dairy effectively operates in the markets of Yavatmal, Amravati, Wardha, Akola and other local regions. Vatsalya Dairy Milk & Milk Products has a significant market share South-East Maharashtra and undertakes its marketing operations through retail outlets and distributing own channel of Vatsalya Dairy.


  1. Yashashree Food Product is fast growing dairy milk products manufacturing company in Pune area. All products are Frozen Milk Products and can be utilize up to 90 days. We are processing around 2500 Lit of Milk every day.

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