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Vatsalya comes from the Sanskrit word which means, "Love that a mother feels 4 a child." Vatsalya, the word of India was considered appropriate to name the future taste of India.  Vatsalya Milk & Milk product bears the quality tag of the Vatsalya Dairy. The company manufactures and markets highly functional consumer products.
Vision: Enlighten the lives of milkmen and common men and to achieve unparallel excellence in dairy products

Mission: To achieve Purity, Perfection and Persistence in maintaining quality, delivering services and develops a healthy environment for workers as well as consumers through organized supply chains.

Why only Milk?

Milk is an almost ideal food. It has high nutritive value. It supplies body building proteins, bone forming minerals and health giving vitamins and furnishes energy giving lactose and milk fat. Besides supplying some essential fatty acids, it contains the above nutrients in an easily digestible and assailable form. All these properties make milk an important food for pregnant women, growing children, adolescents, adults, invalids, convalescents and patients alike.


  1. Yashashree Food Product is fast growing dairy milk products manufacturing company in Pune area. All products are Frozen Milk Products and can be utilize up to 90 days. We are processing around 2500 Lit of Milk every day.

  2. It's only in winter when the cows "dry off" (stop producing milk) that farmers actually get the opportunity to skip away for a holiday for a week or two. This is unless of course you have a farm assistant who is capable, and who you trust to run the entire farm whilst you're away.Dairy Farm Residences Bukit Timah